Sustanability Plan

Here at Trust Future Ministries, we focus energy and resources on helping ourselves do more than simply subsist on charity. In fact, our highest goal is to help the our people become working, viable members of society, and create sustainable improvements in their living conditions.

Helping Ugandans help
themselves for the long haul.

The evolutionary process of helping the impoverished people in our community consists of giving relief, helping them to recover, and then assisting them to develop toward self-sustainability.

TFM is developing strategies to not only help the people in the community become self sustainable but also the organisation to be in position grow its own food and rare chicken as an income generating business to support the ministry works.

Why this program is important?

Food Security

Through planting vegetables and food crops, we we will yeild enough food to feed the TFM family and further supplement on their daily diets.

Creates jobs

Vegetable plants growing in a short period & fruit trees all year round enables the beneficiaries to earn recurringly from harvests seasonally.

Curb soil erosion

Fruit trees provide leaf canopies that help reduce the force of strong winds and leaves which fall on the ground form a blacket for the top soil.

The Chicken farm

The chicken farm is a unique social enterprise model that is established as a project for gaining self-sustainability and dignity for the widowed mothers in our community and as an income generating activity for Trust Future Ministries.
This is one-of-a kind model for long-term sustainability relies upon focused donor support to provide the foundations and working capital to begin these farms. We equipe each mother, train, and mentor them to lift their community out of poverty.

Edible Plants Garden

With newly adopted methods for variety selection, Trust Future Ministries is working on planting food and vegetable gardens on a bigger scale as a way of overcoming the food problem.
Through seed supplies, in partnership with farmers, we are also planning to bless gardeners with 100s packets of quality seeds. We will also make plants available from from our nurseries for families to start up small home gardensto supplementon their dieties.