Save a Child

Save a Child Program

Trust Future Ministries runs a children development center where all the Orphan and vulnerable children attend school from and also serves as a tempolary accommodation for some children whose relatives we are still tracing and those rescued form the streets waiting to be resettled back in their families. For children whom we have managed to find a relative or family member they stay with them while some have been chosen by Christian families which serve as their significant caretakers and all of them daily come to the center for education and childhood development.

On a normal day

Many times, Friends, sponsors and well wishers of Trust Future Ministries have wanted to know more about how a normal day looks like for children who make their home here, in extended family care and those staying with significant caretakers .

  • - Kids wake up and have breakfast.
  • - Help with general work like cooking, washing the utensil, sweeping, etc.
  • - Get time to play and explore the enviroment around them.
  • - Join the chapel or bible study in the evening .
  • - If its a weekend a movie night is setup form them.

What do you give these children?

Daily meals

With every child receiving 3 meals a day, millions of meals each year are served to prevent hunger and mulnutrition amongst them.

Health care

Through child sponsorship and our partner , we provide medical services and referrals to both the kids at the center and in the community.


We accomodate orphans and Street children at our center when we find it necessary, mostly orphan kids who have no place to call home.

Make their future brighter today!

There are many ways one can stand with us help restore hope or bring a smile on the faces of the children at Tust Future Ministries, from sponsoring a child, volunteering, donating towards the different basic needs, praying for them and visiting them at the Center.

We strongly believe that together we can raise God fearing, responsible and healthy future men and women through Trust Future Ministries

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