The Skills Developement Center

Trust Future Skills Developement Center (TFSDC) to assist youth, disadvantaged and marginalized women/people by providing services that equip them with vocational skills and knowledge. The project objectives include among others; increasing our capacity to support the community, poverty reduction, ensure our long term viability, and strengthen our partnerships with the community.

Graduation day of youths &

TFM has been partnering with well-wishers and other organizations to help facilitate this programs. At the start we received a donation of tailoring and carpentry tools from Tools With A Mission(TWAM). These enabled us to establish a skills training center for the local community mostly youth and widows aged 15 to 35 years. The center was launched in January 2017 and as now over 100 students have graduated with tailoring and hair-dressing skills. Today some have started their own fashion shops and others being employed in tailoring plants.

What does this project provide the women & youths?


Our empowerment program is a form of education that help the youth and women improve their thinking and creative capacity.


Through this program, women and youths are equiped to go out and be a change in the community by futher training more people.


Skills attained have enabled the students to become employed, earn a living and in the end breaking the cycle of poverty.

We cherish your partnership in God-given opportunity, your support will empower a life!

Deep inside you, you feel like you would like to support or share your skills with youths and widows or say women in General? Then this is the right project for you. More youth and women have the desire to join the same activities but the capacity limits us. Most of them have expressed in their meetings and we believe that you join hands with us we can extend these services to these groups of people.

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