Sponsor a child

Sponsor a Child at TFM

Child sponsorship is one way one can bring hope to an orphan or vulnerable child at Trust Future Ministries. Many children are waiting for sponsors, and they cannot go to school without your help! Most importantly, sponsorship shows these children that someone else out there loves them and cares about their future.

Sponsor Testimonials

Sending a special gift to a
needy child at TFM.

As a child sponsor, you can send a special gift to your child at Trust Future ministries These gifts are meaningful to a child because most children here at Trust Future Ministries have never received a gift of any kind.

Gifts may include school apparatuses, clothes, shoes, toys, drinking bottle, etc. A sponsor can also consider writing a letter to his or her child at Trust Futue Ministries using our guideline found in the package that is sent to you after choosing a child.